The NYU Bioethics Program Welcomes Two Fulbright Scholars for the Fall 2011 Semester!

SophieBertaud.JPGSophie Bertaud

Sophie grew up in France where she completed her International Baccalaureate before moving to the UK to pursue medical studies. She has worked in London as a doctor for two years and plans to continue her training in Paediatrics, with a specific interest in paediatric cardiology. Alongside her clinical work she has been involved in several research projects looking at long term cognitive and quality of life outcomes in children with congenital heart disease. Her Masters in Bioethics will be an opportunity to take a step back from the day-to-day dilemmas she faces on the ward in order to examine them in a new light, and question some of the philosophical principles behind her medical work.

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Andreia_cristina_nyu.jpg  Andreia Cristina Martins Martinho

  Andreia was born and raised in Madeira Island, Portugal where she studied at Coimbra University
  Law School, in  mainland Portugal. Upon graduation, Andreia worked as a corporate trainee
  lawyer in the International Business Centre of Madeira Island and also as a legal aid lawyer.
  She thoroughly enjoys Law and Science and believes that Law is  one of the most powerful tools
  for promoting respect and dignity for human beings.

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